June 2nd - (6pm) Tommy Guns Band

(9:30pm) Rattletrap Jack

June 3rd- (2pm-5pm) Party on the deck

Leo & KG Family Tradition

June 9th - (6pm) Halfway to Hell - ACDC Tribute 

June 10th - (2pm-5pm) PARTY ON THE DECK 

Bill Talanca

June 16th - (6pm) Strawberry jam

(9pm) Bennett Brothers Band 

June 17th - (2pm-5pm) Party on the Deck 

Honkey Kong

June 24th - (2pm-5pm) Party on the Deck

Strawberry Jam Duo

June 29th - Asialena

June 30th - (6:30pm) Flaxy Morgan

May 2018

April 2018

June 2018

Hog's Hollow Saloon

April 7th - (9:30pm) Light Up The Moon

April 13th - (9:30pm) Crobot (acoustic)

April 14th - (9:30pm) Jesse Wade Band

April 20th - (9:30pm) Bennett Brothers

April 21st - (9:30pm) Strawberry Jam

April 28th - (9:30pm) Graces Downfall Band

May 5th - (9:30pm) Ostrich Hat

May 12th - (9:30pm) Rockstar Revolution

May 19th - (3pm) Dustin Douglas & the Electric Gentleman

(1st Annual Hog's Hollow Bike Run)

​(9:30PM) Empire in Decline

May 20th - (2pm-5pm) PARTY ON THE DECK 

Check 1 2

May 26th - (6pm) Brickyard Road (Lynyrd Skynyrd Tribute)

(9pm) Bent 

May 27th - (2pm-5pm) Party on the Deck 

Jason Dumm